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This site contains information on the works of Marie-Louise von Franz, including books, essays, documentary films and interviews.

The site is sponsored by the Foundation for Jungian Psychology (Stiftung für Jung'sche Psychologie), which publishes Marie-Louise von Franz' works together with E. Kennedy.

The Foundation was established in 1974 by Marie-Louise von Franz along with a few of her students: René Malamud, Willi Obrist, Alfred Ribi, and Paul Walder. Its purpose is to promote research and expand general knowledge of Jungian Psychology, specifically:

  • organizing conferences for analysts and lecturers in Jungian-related fields along with representatives from other sciences;
  • conducting symposia on special psychological issues using the ideas of C. G. Jung;
  • making possible scientific works which creatively broaden the knowledge of Jungian psychology;
  • publishing valuable works in areas of Jungian psychology;
  • reissuing out-of-print publications by Marie-Louise von Franz, as well as editing her unpublished manuscripts, and translating her published works into other languages.

In 1990, the Foundation began publishing new works, mainly in German, under the Verlag Stiftung für Jung'sche Psychologie. Our periodical, Jungiana, encompasses two series: Series A, comprising articles by various authors -- including Marie-Louise von Franz and C. G. Jung -- and Series B, consisting of longer, independent monographs on special topics in Jungian psychology. These publications can be ordered either in bookstores or directly through the Jungiana web site.

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