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(Video:) Marie-Louise von Franz, Bollingen, September 1982 (engl. PAL/NTSC)

(Video:) Marie-Louise von Franz, Bollingen, September 1982 (engl. PAL/NTSC)

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1982 (de: 1982)
ISBN: 3-908116-91-0

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Note: The video can be ordered in either PAL or NTSC, although both formats appear to have the same ISBN number.
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At the request of the Foundation for Jungian Psychology, Françoise Selhofer made a beautiful and impressive film about Marie-Louise von Franz in the autumn of 1982 in Bollingen. In the film, Marie-Louise von Franz gives us insight into her life, into her encounter with C. G. Jung and the work they later did together, as well as into her understanding of Jungian psychology. She talks about how her own work evolved and about the way she works. In response to further questions, she talks about dream interpretation, creativity, synchronicity, alchemy and about the grave problems of our time. At the end of the interview she expresses her deep concern about the downfall of our culture and civilization. Any hope for a renewal, she believes, can only be found in Jung's discoveries, that is, in positive contact with the creative powers of the unconscious and with our dreams, our psychical roots. Only there can we find constructive answers to help us solve the seemingly insoluble questions with which we are confronted today.

From the interview: 'Like all of us, I have the impression that our culture and civilization is in a final stage, that it has entered a stage of decay. I believe that either we shall find a renewal, or else it is the end. And I can only see this renewal coming out of what Jung discovered, namely in our making positive contact with the creative source of the unconscious and with dreams. These are our roots. A tree can only renew itself through its roots. For this reason my message is to urge everyone to turn back to these inner psychic roots because that's where the only constructive suggestions are to be found -- how to come to grips with our enormous dilemmas: the atom bomb, overpopulation. This is the best way of solving all our problems which appear insoluble.'

(41 Minuten)

Authors: Marie-Louise von Franz, Françoise Selhofer

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